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PinusLetter, September 2008, by Ester Foelkel / Pinus Wisdom from Brazil / Boletín Online PinusLetter, Septiembre 2008 / Sabiduría en pinos desde Brasil /Eucalyptus Online Book and Newsletter, by Celso Foelkel / Eucalyptus Wisdom from Brazil / Boletín Online Eucalipto, por Celso Foelkel / Sabiduría eucalíptica desde Brasil / Grau Celsius / Celsius Degree

by Ester Foelkel

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PinusLetter is a new creation of Celsius Degree, a vision for the development of cultivated forests and their products based on the concepts of technology, eco-efficiency, economy and social and environmental sustainability. The main stars of this newsletter will be tree species within genus Pinus. This free online publication is a courtesy of ABTCP - Brazilian Society for Pulp & Paper Technology and CRA - Conestoga-Rovers & Associados - Engenharia SA. It will be first launched in Portuguese language only but will include references to articles, websites and Pinus-Links at a global level. Hence, you will be redirected to visit sites in English, Spanish, French languages, in addition to Portuguese.

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