Natural regeneration in Eucalyptus (4): E. gunnii, E. nicholii & E. blakelyi


Eucalyptus blakelyi gunnii nicholii coppice GIT Forestry Consulting Galicia Spain EspañaAnd yet more images on vegetative regeneration in Eucalyptus, in this case young potted plants experiencing a small coppice trial at nursery. As we had seen by now for planted out forestry species E. delegatensis, E. obliqua, E. globulus and some provenances of E. nitens, for these other forestry/ornamental species as E. blakelyi (Blakely's Red Gum, series Tereticornes), E. nicholii (Narrow Leaved Black Peppermint, section Maidenaria) and E. gunnii (Cider Gum, section Maidenaria too) natural regeneration from both lignotuber and axillary buds is frequent and vigorous.

Totally unrelated, some historic/taxonomic notes on these species:

- E. gunnii was named by W.J. Hooker honouring J.C. Gunn, two remarkable eucalypt botanists at Kew and Tasmania respectively in the late 19th century.
- E. blakelyi was named by J.H. Maiden honouring W.F. Blakely, two of the most prominent eucalypt botanists in the early 20th century and authors respectively of the Critical Revision and A Key to Eucalyptus.
- E. nicholii was named jointly by Maiden & Blakely honouring W.H. Nicholls (?). But if they had lived in the 21st century maybe they would have very seriously pondered if naming it E. nicollei instead!

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