Eucalyptus and other Australian Plants... in the garden


Callistemon Grevillea Eucalyptus garden Spain jardin Galicia GIT Forestry ConsultingFour examples of successful cultivation of ornamental Australian plants in a temperate humid (Atlantic) garden (USDA Zone 8b) in Northwestern Spain.

Adding Eucalyptus plants to garden design requires different types of decisions. Good species choice is one of these, for some fifty types of eucalypts have enough cold tolerance to resist winter frosts reasonably well in these climates. It will also set up the different colours and textures you can combine with other plants. Bark patterns; foliage type, size and colour; flower bud shape and colorus and flower bloom size and colours are the main ornamental parameters to balance with plant size and shape and the maintenance operations needed to cultivate them and make them bloom in limited spaces.

Combinations with other Australian plants can also provide complementary features, as the Callistemon + Grevillea + Eucalyptus choices pictured.

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