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Ornamental Eucalyptus Worldwide Bark GIT Forestry Consulting Eucaliptos Ornamentales Corteza por Gustavo IglesiasORNAMENTAL EUCALYPTUS WORLDWIDE: BARK
Ornamental Eucalyptus Worldwide Flower Buds GIT Forestry Consulting Eucaliptos Ornamentales Flores por Gustavo IglesiasORNAMENTAL EUCALYPTUS WORLDWIDE: BUDS
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For those who grow Eucalyptus plants in areas of the world where they are relatively uncommon the ornamental quality of these trees can be quite evident. However for those who grow them in areas where any of the vast array of species is quite common sometimes there is a bias, in many cases towards an incomplete perception of these plants as alien, hazardous, environmentally negative species, monotonous, boring, or lacking of ornamental potential for exotic gardening. Fortunately many times any of these concepts can be quite subjective or at least subject to debate.

For all growers and non growers, but especially for the later, and with the permission of many hunters of beauty in images scattered all over the world (as eucalypts are too), a series of art pieces will be released, with the intention of nothing more and nothing less than broadening perception. And as you all well know, sometimes images say it better than words. And to understand Eucalyptus well two key concepts must be in the background of your thougths all the time: Variability & Diversity.

Beware, because after Bark it came Buds, and after this, then Blooms, and afterwards Birds, and later Bonds.

B... Eucalyptic!

We would like to express our gratitude to all the contributing photographers and to Flickr and its Creative Commons initiative.

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