King Regnans: Attenborough's Giant Eucalyptus


Sir David Attenborough has been travelling the world for the last 50 years to show us the wonders of nature in all its forms. There are so many amazing moments captured in film with him around that choosing just one is a though choice. But this is EUCALYPTOLOGICS, the Eucalyptus Blog, so the natural choice has to be witnessing a Giant among Giants showing us King Regnans. Enjoy the Mountain Ash in its old growth Australian forest habitat!

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King Regnans Giant Eucalyptus video courtesy of BBC

Originally released by 1995, the Peabody Award Winner nature documentary The Private Life of Plants by the BBC is a striking trip around the world to unveil the secrets of plant evolution, adaptation and struggle for survival in this ever changing world we all have the priviledge to warden.

Attenborough's comments wisely blended with amazing photography and Richard Grassby-Lewis' musical companion make this piece of art a milestone in the divulgation of botany, biogeography, ecology and environmental science. And the 7 minute long piece on Eucalyptus is certainly worth watching. But do not forget the other 285 minutes!

Chasing... the Tallest Trees in Europe

Australian Botanist Dr Dean Nicolle, German Geoecologist Annett Boerner from the Max Planck Society and Spanish forester Gustavo Iglesias from GIT Forestry trek the coastal eucalypt rainforest of Spain and Portugal to measure and assess the tallest Eucalyptus trees in Europe / El botanico australiano Dr Dean Nicolle, la Geoecologa alemana Annett Boerner de la Sociedad Max Planck para el Avance de la Ciencia y el forestal Gustavo Iglesias de GIT Forestry exploran el bosque lluvioso costero de eucalipto de España y Portugal para medir y evaluar algunos de los arboles mas altos de Europa / Gustavo Iglesias Trabado, Roberto Carballeira Tenreiro and Javier Folgueira Lozano / GIT Forestry Consulting SL, Consultoría y Servicios de Ingeniería Agroforestal, Lugo, Galicia, España, Spain / Eucalyptologics, information resources on Eucalyptus cultivation around the world / Eucalyptologics, recursos de informacion sobre el cultivo del eucalipto en el mundo

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