Koala army steals Green October


Environmentalist fraud exposed from inside, deep throat said

by Xusto de Andrade

The Berserker Koalas keep raising around the world to bring you healthy doses of laughter. Soon they will be on the oceans too. A formidable deterrent has been achieved. Did someone doubt some environmentalists were pretty tired of the progressive decay into brainwashing through demagogy within their loose network of NGO's? The greens should check up their ranks. In several oceans. El que difama, paga.

A famous case of defection on the oceans, advantage for the Allied Navy

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Environmentalist fraud exposed by koala army

EUCALYPTOLOGICS has just unexpectedly received the impressive document on Sustainable Forestry Management topics displayed above. As neutral observers we are not too keen to put into the air every piece of information we get from varied sources, especially if falling into polemics. But as firm believers in freedom of speech, we are not going to apply censorship to these opinions even if we do not fully endorse them. Not when they are loaded of this fine sense of humour!

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