Eucalyptus Clonal Nursery: Rooting Cuttings Video


We receive frequent inquiries at EUCALYPTOLOGICS on Eucalyptus being or not possible to propagate from cuttings. And we were running out of examples to show it is very possible. Fortunately the Woodpeckers of Prof. Mário Takao Inoue & Prof. Antonio José de Araujo (SEAA, Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste, Paraná) come to our rescue.

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Visit with us an industrial scale clonal Eucalyptus nursery... in video!

KLABIN Clonal Eucalyptus Nursery at Fazenda Monte Alegre (Telêmaco Borba, Paraná, Brazil). Video Courtesy Felipe Martins
  • 00:01 = Some weeks old Eucalyptus plantation
  • 00:43 = Seed Orchard plus tree climbing for selective Eucalyptus seed collection.
  • 01:20 = Eucalyptus seed extraction under dry greenhouse cover
  • 01:35 = Production greenhouse, general view… mainly clonal Eucalyptus
  • 01:47 = Select genotypes raised for controlled pollination indoors. Next generation of improved seed in the making.
  • 02:00 = Production greenhouse, Eucalyptus rooted cuttings gaining size
  • 02:20 = Plant stock at Eucalyptus nursery hardening area
  • 02:42 = Automated fertirrigation control devices
  • 02:48 = Depots for highly concentrated fertiliser mix
  • 02:52 = Mechanised tube container filler and sowing machine
  • 02:58 = Individual recyclable tube containers
  • 03:10 = Individual tubes in assembled plant trays ready for filling
  • 03:22 = Tray washer
  • 03:29 = Eucalyptus cutting ready to be rooted
  • 03:34 = Preparation of an Eucalyptus cutting: selection and leaf ablation
  • 03:50 = Mist system for Eucalyptus cuttings to root well (and not rot)
  • 03:56 = Rooting hormone
  • 04:04 = Production greenhouse, Eucalyptus rooted cuttings at initial growth stage
  • 04:16 = Production greenhouse, Eucalyptus rooted cuttings a few days later
  • 04:33 = Hardening area, Eucalyptus rooted cuttings coping with normal weather outdoors
  • 05:05 = Eucalyptus Micropropagation Laboratory
  • 05:21 = A new generation of improved Eucalyptus clones
  • 05:25 = Clonal reafforestation in a harvested Eucalyptus stand
  • 05:32 = Brazilian version of Pottiputki planting tool with fertiliser injector for accurate dosage
  • 06:01 = Heavy bulldozer for soil preparation
  • 06:16 = Detail of heavy duty forestry ripper
  • 06:27 = The Woodpeckers

Klabin / Industrias Klabin do Parana de Celulose / GIT Forestry Consulting, Consultoria y Servicios de Ingenieria Agroforestal, Lugo, Galicia, España, Spain / Eucalyptologics

Industrias Klabin do Paraná de Celulose SA (IKPC), better known as KLABIN, is one of the of the Giants of Brazilian Forestry. By the time Navarro de Andrade started industrial scale Eucalyptus cultivation in 1908, Mauricio Klabin started building his first paper mill. By 1934 Klabin acquired Fazenda Monte Alegre, near Tibaji and Telêmaco Borba. Today, this 220,000 hectare estate comprises 55% tree farms and 40% Nature Reserves (Araucaria angustifolia) and one of the largest integrated pulp & paper mills in South America (1.1 million tons paper/year after recent capacity expansion). Its main crops are planted conifers, Pinus taeda and Pinus elliottii, but they cultivate vast acreages of Eucalyptus grandis too. And they grow the Brazilian way: better, faster, cheaper. For Eucalyptus, this means R+D in Genetic Improvement, and a fast way to deploy genetic gains in the field: clonal silviculture.

Eucalyptus from cuttings, Life of an Eucalyptus clone in a forestry nursery in Brazil / Eucaliptos de esqueje, Vida de un Clon de Eucalipto en un vivero forestal de Brasil / Propagación Vegetativa de Eucalipto / Eucalyptus vegetative propagation / Mini Jardim Clonal de Eucalipto / Eucalyptus Clonal forestry orchard / GIT Forestry Consulting, Consultoría y Servicios de Ingeniería Agroforestal, Lugo, Galicia, España, Spain

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